I design products, services, and experiences from concept to prototype that are simple, effective, and nice to look at. 

I graduated from VCU Brandcenter where I studied experience design. Before that, I worked as a designer in Washington, DC; studied architecture and made imaginary buildings at UVA; and ate lots of pizza on Long Island.

I love exploring new cities and museums, David Bowie, all foreign police procedurals on Netflix, doodling, shapes, and making lists. I do not care for Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

I sat in a cruise control walker for my first job.

Things I Do

User Experience Design
Product + Service Design
User Interface Design
Interaction Design 
UX Reseach + Documentation
Physical + Digital Prototyping
Front-end Development
Digital Illustration
Architectural Design

More Favorite Things

Long City Walks
Modern Architecture 
Deep Sea Creatures
Glam Rock
Cat Rearing
J.R.R. Tolkien Everything
Bacon, Egg, and Cheeses
Assembling IKEA Furniture
Then taking a nap

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