Live while you work

Airbnb faces perceptual barriers when it comes to business travel. People tend to veer towards conventional hotels when booking for business travel because they seem more professional and it's just what they've always done.

Become a trusted resource for the business traveler looking to get more out of their work trip by advocating for work-life integration. With a campaign and a new business section, Airbnb will help travelers live while they work.

Airbnb is in a unique position to disrupt work culture the way it did travel. As an employer, it offers flexibility and an engaging office environment. It understands the realities of work and life do not fit neatly into separate buckets.

When it comes to business travel, Airbnb provides individual experiences for business travelers by encouraging exploration and a deeper connection to the city they're visiting.  

UX, UI Design, Concept Development
I redesigned the business section of Airbnb to incorporate more features tailored to the business traveler but visually consistent with the main site. With my team, I worked on the positioning and campaign introducing Airbnb Business.


Airbnb Business promotes work-life integration by helping travelers seek inspiration and make connections during their business trip while also making work travel easier.


The search filters are presented up front so that each traveler's results include everything they need and to highlight all the available amenities.


To encourage more "life" on business trips we featured Airbnb experiences available nearby. Search for experiences by area of interest to learn a new skill or network during a business trip.


Search for listings by neighborhood or explore the neighborhood before booking. Users can find businesses and resources in the area.

To promote Airbnb Business, Airbnb will close their offices for the day and allow their employees to work from Airbnb homes and explore their cities. Before we asked people to ditch traditional work travel we wanted Airbnb to set an example and show that great work and ideas can come from anywhere.


We used Facebook Canvas as a fun way to share where Airbnb employees are working for the day and their #officeoptional posts. Airbnb will also set up outdoor workstations for anyone to work in that will appear on the map.

Employees will be encouraged to share photos and post throughout the day, reaching Airbnb's 1.6 million Instagram followers.


Art Directors: Steph Langan, Majic Aubert
Copywriter: Matt Waronker
Strategist: Mishaal Abbasi

Creative Brand Manager: Ben Patty

A team project completed at VCU Brandcenter.

Our business-casual-chambray presentation was chosen as the winning pitch by Airbnb.