AutoZone Community

Making car knowledge more accessible. A new service for AutoZone customers to ask questions, get project guides, and track their growing car know-how.

Student Work
Role: UX & UI Design, Prototyping, Retail Design

The Process


People feel vulnerable in auto parts stores because they're not confident in their own car knowledge and customers don't see a difference between AutoZone and its competitors. 


To build trust in the brand we created AutoZone Community, a new service on that helps customers improve and share their car maintenance skills. A diagnostics app works with AutoZone Community to first help users identify their maintenance issue. We also updated the store design to differentiate AutoZone and make the shopping experience seamless from online to in-store. 

We redesigned and gave greater prominence to the Community section of the AutoZone website. Transforming it into a platform to grow and share your car knowledge.

Ask questions or give advice to members of your local store. Keep track of your projects, your purchases, and the parts that you need.

Follow video project guides while you're working. Videos are tagged by step for easy reference.

See who in your community has completed a project you’re working on. Message them to ask questions or get advice.

Diagnostics App

We created a diagnostics app that helps customers speak more knowledgeably about their car and determine what they need before they go to the store. The app connects to AutoZone Community with recommendations for relevant tutorials and projects based their car problem.

Using their phone's camera and visual search, users can learn to recognize unknown car parts. Then access tutorial videos and project guides through AutoZone Community.

Diagnose a problem by pulling the car's trouble codes, translated into easy to understand language.

Retail Design

The goal of the store redesign was to make it more approachable to less knowledgeable customers. Everyday items are placed close to the entrance and a seating area provides space for consultations.

Symbol-based signage. To help customers visually identify the items they need we used the symbols from a car's dashboard as signage

We rebranded AutoZone with a simplified logo and a new color scheme to modernize the brand and set it apart from its competitors. Distinguishing it in a field of checkered flags and racing stripes. 

Design Process

To make AutoZone more accessible and engage its community it was important to consider how the user would interact with the brand and other users at every step. We began with a survey and interviews with car owners to learn more about their feelings and habits related to car maintenance. 

User Journeys


Art Director: Jake Broglio
Copywriters: Dennis Chen, Dean Weber
Strategist: Nick Spinner
Creative Brand Manager: Lindsay Wade

A team project completed at VCU Brandcenter.