Blue Apron Abroad
Empathy through happy tummies

As the leading home delivery service, Blue Apron needs to differentiate itself from its competition to stay on top. 

A brand extension for Blue Apron that provides access to
authentic recipes, ingredients, and utensils to truly eat like a local and uses storytelling to connect people to other cultures. Each month, the featured region changes and the customer gets access to immersive content and contact with a local cook. 

UX, UI Design, Interaction Design, Front-end Development
I designed the website and the Abroad app extension to make the ordering and cooking process seamless and engaging. The app became the home for all the immersive content for each region, where users can watch tutorials, interact with a local guide, and get in-depth information about the recipes. I also worked on the Instagram campaign and magnet feature.

To give Blue Apron a unique voice we expanded its mission to include increasing diversity in our diets as a gateway to embracing other cultures. To encourage understanding, exposure is the first step. It’s a business opportunity that also addresses a cultural problem.


Customers will get information about the program and learn more about the region of the month and its cuisine on the website. We used Thailand as the region for the first month and cooked some delicious Thai recipes.

Check out the live site here.

An interactive map that introduces the upcoming regions and their cuisines.

An introduction to your guide for the month. For Thailand, our classmate Majic will be helping you explore Thai cuisine and culture. 

360-degree videos exploring the region of the month.


We designed an extension for the Blue Apron app for the Abroad program where users can save recipes, connect with the local chef and immerse themselves in the culture of the cuisine. 

The local chef will be featured in the tutorials for each recipe and will be available to answer questions users have through the app.

While cooking, users can turn their screen 90 degrees to access the content about each recipe and learn about the culture it comes from by watching videos and reading stories.


The textile on the magnet is representative of the region and can be scanned to access the recipes from that region directly. Each month, customers will get a new magnet with a unique pattern to add to their collection.

Abroad features a new region every month, one recipe per week. A booklet and a patterned magnet are included in the first box of each month. The booklet familiarizes you with the region and introduces the local guide.


Blue Apron Abroad will keep people engaged from initial contact to ordering a box and making dinner with unique stories from around the world. The local cook provides a personal connection to the culture by guiding users through the recipes.

The Abroad Instagram account offers a more in-depth look at the featured region. The local guide will take over the account for the month, giving followers a first-hand look at her home and culture. 


Copywriter: Kelly Cabaniss
Art Directors: Jessica Sugerman and Jansen Yoder

A team project completed at VCU Brandcenter. Special thanks to our classmates Majic and Elliot for sharing their Thai knowledge and photos.

We won a Silver Cannonball at the Richmond Ad Club's 2016 Student Show.