Interactive mobile videos that challenge perception. This project was created by the team at Narrative, while I was the Experience Design intern.

Mobile video has exposed a decades-old problem of police violence. Visa Rushcard wanted to address this tragic, yet persistent issue by provoking discussion around racial profiling, police shootings, and violence against police.

Based on the common user behavior of turning a phone sideways to get a better perspective, we created short interactive films that challenge bias. Spoken word poetry combined with dynamic videos, triggered by device orientation, create powerful stories about perception.

UX, UI, Interaction Design
I designed the mobile-only website where the interactive videos would live with the goal of making the interface as intuitive as possible. I created wireframes and conducted user testing to determine the best placement and language for the prompts directing users to turn their phones.

To watch the films, visit on your phone or tablet.


We tested many options for the prompts in an effort to make them easy to understanding and minimally intrusive.


Creative Director: Benjamin Vendramin
Art Directors: Johanna Martinez, Alexandra Barberio
Copywriters: Black Ice, Will Kelleher, Tyler Sharkey, 
Chanae Reed
Producers: Aaron Royer, Stephen Wang
Account Director: Sabina Khalhani
Directors / Photographers: Gillian Laub, Josh Perez