Change Perspective

Interactive mobile videos that challenge perception. Mobile video has helped spread awareness and expose the problems of racial profiling and police violence. Narrative_ and Visa RushCard, with its goal of helping minority communities typically underserved by banks, wanted to encourage conversation and promote tolerance through a shift in perspective. Watch the film on a mobile device here.

Created during my internship at Narrative_  for Visa RushCard, where I worked as the UX/UI Designer on the project.

Role: UX & UI Design, User Testing
The Process


Mobile video has played a big part in exposing instances of police violence. How might Visa RushCard address this tragic, yet persistent issue and drive discussion?


We created short interactive films that challenge bias, triggered by device orientation. To make the experience seamless we developed a mobile video platform that could dynamically edit two videos simultaneously. We worked with spoken word poet, Black Ice, to tell a story that was both compelling and authentic.

A change in view

To address these issues we used the same medium that has helped bring them to light, mobile video. We observed that people typically turn their phones sideways to get a fuller picture while watching videos so this became the method of interacting with the videos. 

I designed the site where the videos would live with the goal of making the interface as intuitive as possible. To make the experience seamless we conducted user testing to determine the best placement and language for the prompts directing users to turn their phones.

By combining technology with the spoken word of poet Black Ice we created dynamic videos telling powerful stories about perception.

The Webby Awards 2017
Winner: Best Use of Video or Moving Image, Honoree: Online Guerilla & Innovation, Nominee: Best User Experience

Shorty Awards
Finalist: Creative Use of Technology

Clio Awards
Shortlist: Digital/Mobile

The One Show
Merit Award: Innovation in UX/UI, Merit Award: Mobile/Use of Technology

SXSW Interactive Award
Finalist: Visual Media Experience

88% view through rate

Design Process

We tested many options for the prompts to make them as easy to understand as possible and minimally intrusive.

Options for User Testing

Initial & Annotated Wireframes


Creative Director: Benjamin Vendramin
Art Directors: Johanna Martinez, Alexandra Barberio
Copywriters: Black Ice, Will Kelleher, Tyler Sharkey, 
Chanae Reed
Producers: Aaron Royer, Stephen Wang
Account Director: Sabina Khalhani
Directors / Photographers: Gillian Laub, Josh Perez