Levi's Denim Lab

A user-friendly, connected shopping experience. A store design and shopping platform that work together to inspire and help users find the perfect jeans or create them.

Student Work
UX, UI Design, Prototyping, Retail Design, User Research

The Process


Every shopper is different but most stores treat them all the same. The retail industry is changing rapidly and consumers have come to expect more personalized service. 

The Levi's brand has always been driven by innovation, from creating the first jeans to a smart jacket. How can this innovation be extended to the retail space?


After identifying customers' frustrations and goals while shopping I designed a more individual, interactive shopping experience. A store and shopping platform that work together for a better shopping trip. Helping people find the perfect jeans, their way.

The Denim Lab

A new feature on Levis.com that helps customers visually create their perfect jeans by choosing the features and fit they're looking for. From their selections, the Denim Lab will provide the closest matches in either vintage or new Levi's jeans.

Exploration and Customization

The Denim Lab tool allows customers to playfully preview all the available options and combinations to visualize their perfect jeans.

The customization options and tutorials allow users to further personalize their denim and encourage more in-store visits and interaction.

Denim Lab works in partnership with the new store design to help customers search for styles and complete purchases seamlessly.

New features to seamlessly blend the digital and physical shopping experience.

Mobile Fitting Room

While in a retail store, customers can send items to their fitting room from their device or an in-store screen.

Ask a friend's opinion by sending a fitting room selfie complete with product information.

Move items to cart to purchase or save for later to think about it.

In-store Checkout

Customers can check out from their own devices or the in-store screens.

The customer's screen shows who will be helping them and how long they can expect to wait.

Employee Dashboard

Salespeople will be notified when a customer makes a request, asks a question or wants to check out.


A New Home for Denim

A redesigned homepage highlighting Levi’s expert knowledge and long history in denim. Watch videos about the productions process or explore new ways to style your denim. 

A Shopping System

The website works in partnership with the store to help customers find the perfect jeans, explore styles, get input from friends and complete their purchases as efficiently as possible.

Retail Space

The store is designed with interconnected zones for customers to work, linger and connect with the brand.

Access the shopping platform at the in-store screens. After purchase, jeans can be customized by the denim tailor or at the workspace.

Jeans are organized horizontally first by size, then vertically by type of fit and wash.

How do you shop?

I started with a survey and interviews to find out more about people's shopping habits and what they think of Levi's. 

50% of people always shop at a physical store for fit. 46% shop every couple months.

The most frustrating part of in-store shopping is that there are not enough style/size options.

Most important considerations when deciding on a brand: fit and style.

User Profiles

To build an understanding of users' needs I identified three types of shoppers, their pain points, and goals.

Turning frustrations into opportunities and store features.

Search + Sort

People want the ease of comparing online replicated in store. The website and in-store screens make it simple to find jeans and compare them.

Engage + Explore

In-store experiences give customers a way to connect with the brand they can't get online. The workstation and seating area invite participation and allow people to shop at their own pace.

Recognizing users' unique goals builds trust and loyalty. Customers can tailor this retail experience to their needs with the in-store customization and individual jean recommendations.

Test + Purchase

Wasting time and long lines are two of the biggest complaints from customers. The mobile fitting room and checkout give users a streamlined purchasing process.

Sketching Wireframes & User Flows

User Journey: An interconnected online and retail experience

Store Design

The opportunity categories became programmatic zones in the store design that determined where different features would go.

The store is designed with different shopping behaviors in mind: clearly organized displays and screens for the shopper on a mission, places to hang out, work, and shop at your own pace for the browser, and ways to actively connect with the brand for the loyal customer.

An individual project completed at VCU Brandcenter.