Freelance Planet

Bravely navigating the unknowns of self-employment

Freelance work is on the rise and long-term job security is declining. However, many people are not prepared for this new standard. All of our team members have worked as freelancers at some point and know the pain that is having no idea how to file your taxes.

A service that improves the workdays of freelancers. Freelance Planet consists of a desktop app that helps with time-tracking, scheduling, and efficiency as well as a messenger bot that answers questions about freelancing. 

We saw Pluto as the ultimate freelancer, a happily employed planet for 76 years until it was let go in 2006. Pluto became the guide and voice of Freelance Planet, a knowledgeable and approachable friend.

Conversational UX, Interaction Design, Product Design
I designed the desktop application, prototyped the Facebook Messenger chatbot and worked with my team to develop the voice of Pluto.


Pluto enjoyed a long career as the most distant of the planets until it was demoted to "dwarf planet" and lost the security of the solar system.


Pluto, Freelance Planet here. Confused by the mysteries of freelancing? Ask questions and Pluto will respond with advice and resources.

The Freelance Planet desktop app helps freelancers through conversation and simple tools.

Message Pluto with questions about freelancing. Pluto will answer with helpful advice and links.

Track time spent on freelance projects.

Set reminders for important meetings or just to take a lunch break.

Prompts to track time when select programs are opened.


Freelance Planet will be promoted in coffee shops and co-working spaces, where freelancers spend a lot of time. It will also provide free Wi-Fi to lend support to the freelance community.

Pluto will tweet tips for freelancers and share his unique perspective as the first freelance planet.


Attach the Pluto beacon to your laptop to show you're a part of the Freelance Planet community and connect with other freelancers at your local coffee shop. It can also be used as a flash drive.


Copywriter: Kaitlin Demayo
Art Director: Jessica Sugerman

A team project completed at VCU Brandcenter.