Presented in ascending order of silliness.

Be the best millennial you can be.

Millennials doing some nice coloring.

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A virtual reality sweeping experience.

Sweeperman is a virtual reality game for testing high-quality, very expensive brooms. The game takes place in Roaring Pines, a Richmond store owned by a Brandcenter alum that sells American made goods. Choose a broom and sweep the dirt blocks that appear into the hole in the floor.

A ridiculously simple and absurd game that turned out to be a fun way to learn more about VR.

Teammates: Alex Rice, Shawn Hurley, Keilani Mansfield

The perfect tool for your horror movie soundtrack.

Designed to be a collaborative musical instrument, Prism is a 3-side string instrument that can be played by multiple people by plucking its strings as it spins. However, we overestimated our musical abilities and only managed to produce weird cacophonous sounds, so we pivoted.

New Direction: Custom Scary Sounds

Teammates: Andrea Vega, Olivia Cooper, Dan Owen

Is there life on Mars? When we move to Mars we'll need stylish space water bottles. These are designed with space floating in mind - just squeeze and a perfectly sized sip will be served. Bowie demonstrates: