UnitedHealthcare Community and State

A home for UnitedHealthcare Community & State's thought leadership and success stories.

UHC C&S creates programs to improve the health of disadvantaged communities across the country. But, their work extends beyond health care, from food delivery to educational programs, and they needed a better way share their expertise and point of view.

Role: UX & UI Design, Content Strategy
The Process


The former UHC C&S website was outdated, confusing to navigate, and didn’t have a clear central message. The C&S team had produced high-quality content, including case studies, white papers, and videos, but was not using it effectively. 


We created a simple and engaging platform for the UHC C&S content; helping them reach their target audience of professionals working to improve the health of the public. The new site is an accessible showcase for their expertise and stories, designed for an enjoyable reading experience across devices.

A Content First Strategy

To organize the content in a way that would be meaningful to users but not limit authors we settled on two categories: Insights and Impact. Insights houses the more research-heavy thought leadership while the Impact content is about the success stories of their programs.

Designing in cards allowed for easy reuse of components throughout the site and smooth transitions between devices.


Analyzed user research, stakeholder interviews, and competitive analysis.
Conducted a kick-off meeting to align with client and stakeholders on goals and content requirements.


Established the content strategy that informed site structure.
Prioritized features for MVP launch.
Created conceptual design directions and initial wireframes in Sketch.


Created the site map.
Designed responsive wireframes in Axure.
Created visual design comps by adapting and expanding the new UHC pattern library to remain cohesive with other UHC sites.

Target Audiences

The user research gave us the three key target audiences: the Influencer, Supporter and Decision Maker. We shaped our content strategy around these audiences by grouping content into categories that served their different goals. For example, the Decision Maker would be more interested in the Impact section to find examples of how a health care program has benefitted a community.

Content Strategy

Insights and Impact became the main content categories to help users easily discover the kind of information that best suits their needs. Content can also be tagged with keywords to search for a specific topic.

Annotated Wireframes

See it live.


Creative Director: George Corker
Experience Director: Terry Peters 
UX Architect/Strategy: Carl Joseph, Lena Rankin
Agency: ICF Olson